Presidency Exchange In Belgium-Luxembourg

Posted by | Nov 26, 2020 |

The Council of Belgium-Luxembourg could finally plan our official Handover of the Presidential chains on the 10th of September, after postponing several times due to the Corona virus.

The ceremony took place in the garden of one of our District Chairman in Brussels. Thank you Marleen!

Due to Covid-19 safety rules, only 10 attendees were allowed at the exchange of the Presidency .

After a warm welcome from our former President of Council Edith Van Molhem, we started our nice and warm speeches of friendship, gratitude and our goals for 2020-21, followed by the handover of the Presidential chaine:

Former President of Council Edith Van Molhem to new President Paulette Dewinter

Former District Chairman D62 Rita Strypstein to new DC Marleen Van Gorp

Former District Chairman D163 Marleen Dupont to new DC Brigitte Mannes

Former District Chairman D217 Joriska Sterpin to new DC Sonia Stevens

We closed the official part with bubbles and tasty tapas.

Despite the current difficult situation, the transfers have been festive and corona-proof.

We will certainly never forget them.

The Council Belux 2020-2021