A flood of letters surprised Swiss IW Club

Posted by | Nov 17, 2020 |

Rhineland - Switzerland, quite a long way! Not so for the friends of the IW Clubs Cologne-Agrippina and Solothurn. The partner clubs have been meeting for over 30 years. Numerous close friendships have developed during this time. But this summer, Corona put a stop to the Cologne girls' visit to Switzerland. The regret was great on both sides. The clubs would have loved to see each other again.

Club president Dr. Petra Kanz-Beichler had an idea how to keep in touch in difficult times: On the day of the planned visit, the Solothurn women were to find mail from the cathedral city in their letterboxes. So 35 women from Cologne wrote to 49 Swiss women. By hand on letterhead or on the computer.

The response to the campaign was great. "A wonderful surprise," was the prompt response from Solothurn. At first, each individual said that she alone had received mail from Cologne. But little by little, the "dimension" became clear. Many Swiss women also sat down at their desks. The beginning of a pen friendship up to the point of reunion would be over!

Katja Kohlhoff-Christner