IW Care & Education (ICE) - IW Butterworth

Posted by | Nov 09, 2020 |

The ICE Project was introduced by District 330 in 2019/2020. Earlier President Daisy, IPP Lucy, ISO Dr Sujatha and Member Sornakumari and other members had participated in a joint mentoring Workshop with RC Butterworth conducted by RC Bukit Kiara Sunrise under the auspices of the Rotary Education Fund. This project embarked once all the paper work was completed and the MCO was relaxed on 15th August 2020.

IWC Butterworth’s Mentee, Bawanisri was given her letter of acceptance and stipend of RM350 for the months of July and August during the club meeting. She was chosen due to her record as a good student despite being from an economically challenged background.

The Club has since seen to her well-being by taking her for an eye checkup, getting her new spectacles and seeing to her general health through mentee Dr Sujatha’s care and advice. Club member Azian helped procure a laptop which was delivered to Bawanisri on 25th October 2020 along with Diwali gifts courtesy of President Daisy. Her study area now has a fan and reference books contributed by IWC members.

The mentors regularly touch base with the 14-year-old student of SMK Kampung Kastam, visit her physically once a month and are guiding her to a bright future as an educated individual.

Lucy Barrock