The Soup Kitchen That Covid19 Didn’t Stop

Posted by | Nov 08, 2020 |

The hungry still have to eat. The THB Soup Kitchen in Alor Setar, Kedah, cooks and provides dinner to as many as 150 hungry patrons, without fail, five days a week. In covid-19 times, this Soup Kitchen continued to serve a hot meal but packaged in take-away boxes. On 27 October 2020, the Inner Wheel Club of Alor Setar (IWC AS) stepped in to help by sponsoring the meal through generous donations of members.

Wearing masks proudly displaying the Inner Wheel logo, frequently washing hands and practicing physical distancing, members handed out the food boxes bearing the Inner Wheel logo, to the hungry regulars, who had begun queuing up, whilst maintaining a distance between each other, well before the specified time. Some were with families, some were too frail even to walk, some were in their golden years, and yet, all of them smiled and expressed gratitude as the food boxes were handed to them.

Opening their dinner boxes outside the premise, they began to eat, some standing or squatting by the sidewalk or at other places that they could find. As we looked at them relishing a simple meal of rice, fish and vegetables, we realised how important a simple act of kindness is to them.

IWC AS hopes to be able to continue helping at this Soup Kitchen from time to time, bringing hope to this special group of people that someone will always be out there for them, no matter what the challenges are.

Ishka Kaur