Finland's oldest IW Club & Orchestra met

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Finland's oldest Inner Wheel Club and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (founded in 1927) met for a while when clarinettist Kullervo Kojo was a guest of the Järvenpää club. Kullervo Kojo has been a Radio Symphony orchestra clarinettist for 41 years, since the age of 19.

At the age of 12, as a soloist with the Pori City Orchestra.

Kojo's career is exceptional in that he became interested in playing the Clarinet as a little boy and already at the age of 10 he was accepted into the Pori City Orchestra. The age distribution in the orchestra was special, as the oldest player was 90 years old and he was 10 years old at his youngest. Already at the age of 12, he performed as a soloist with the Pori City Orchestra.

It can be said that Kojo's career has been unusually long, over 50 years, which few musicians reach today. Kojo moved to Järvenpää in 1979. He said that Järvenpää was a very music-friendly city and he was attracted to his musician colleagues living in Järvenpää. After all, there are musical traditions in the city, as our great composer Jean Sibelius lived in the city, whose most beloved compositions played abroad are Valse triste and Finlandia. Joonas Kokkonen (1921-1996), one of the great Finnish composers, also lived in Järvenpää. His operas have been performed on the stage of the New York Metropolitan.

Järvenpää Inner Wheel Club - Finland's first

The history of the Järvenpää IW Club is exceptional. Finland's first IW club was founded in Järvenpää as early as 1958. The small town was allowed to be a gateway to the landing of the IW idea in Finland. The Järvenpää IW Club worked alone but vigorously for 14 years to establish new clubs in Finland, while also doing charitable work in accordance with the IW principles. The second IW club was founded in 1972 and again in a small community, Taivalkoski. Only after that in the 1970s, large cities awoke to the IW idea, and clubs were established in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Vantaa and Espoo, along with smaller cities. There are currently 31 clubs in IW- Finland, 2 of which are in Estonia.

The Järvenpää club meets monthly around an interesting topic or makes visits to places of interest. Theatre visits are also popular. Even during the corona virus pandemic, there has been a desire to convene and it has succeeded with official guidance; with face shields, safety intervals and hand hygiene.

Raija Partanen

(Vice President of the Järvenpää IW Club; Vice President of the National Council.)