Presenting diplomas to reading children

Posted by | Oct 21, 2020 |

A year ago, on October 15th, 2019, IW Club Stara Zagora started a cause under the National project “Donate through reading” in one of the secondary schools in their town in the presence of IIW President 2019/2020 Phyllis Charter during her official visit to Bulgaria.

The children from “Vasil Levski” school welcomed us with great inspiration. By reading books they had to win credits and donate them for a new monitor which will help in the learning process. The financing for the monitor was provided by IW Club Stara Zagora. Mrs. Phyllis Charter promised to give diplomas to the most reading children.

Unfortunately COVID19 changed the situation but not the good intentions. Mrs. Phyllis Charter sent the diplomas at the end of her service year as President of IIW and we only waited for the best time to praise the most reading children.

We were not allowed to enter the school due to the precautionary measures.

But last week the School Director together with the Vice President of IW Club Stara Zagora Magdalena Angelova gave the diplomas to the children. Beside the diplomas signed by IPP of IIW Phyllis Charter the children received markers and puzzles with the logo of IIW.

The ladies from IWC Stara Zagora donated encyclopedias to the children to stimulate them for reading and inspire them for charity.

Zhivka Stoyanova