Stand for children for mobile training

Posted by | Oct 11, 2020 |

The national project “Donate through reading” realised its 12th cause in Burgas with the support of the reading children.

Congratulations to the reading donors.

Thanks to the reading children IW Club Burgas donated mobile training equipment with traffic lights and road signs to the Town Center for supporting specific educational needs. The donation, worth 950 leva, is a result of one more fulfilled cause “Stand for childhood with outdoor mobile training equipment” of the National project “Donate through reading” started by IWC Shumen at the website . The appliances will be used to train the children with specific educational needs and teach them how to control themselves, to distinguish the road situation, to follow the rules on the road and adapt to the environment.

We give our gratitude to the reading children for their efforts and kindness. Their charity support helped other children with specific educational needs to live in a better world. This cause was realized thanks to the reading students from the towns: Burgas, Shumen, Stara Zagora, Varna, Zlatitsa, Sliven.

This is the 12th cause realized by the National project that started on May 11th, 2016. Five more causes are active on the web site- four of them raised by IW Club Stara Zagora and one by IW Club Shumen. The reading students will decide which one will be fulfilled next.

The full information on the project is available at

Zdravka Yordanova