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Posted by | Oct 05, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Club of Kolhapur Heritage, District 317

Apheresis unit was given to Government hospital Kolhapur. The room was repaired and renovated with appropriate storage units, paint and, electrification, a monitor also was added to the room.

Apheresis is a process to separate the Blood Components. Especially now during the Pandemic when Plasma therapy is needed the Unit is a big Help to the crowded Hospital.

Inner Wheel Club of Solapur, District 313

The Inner Wheel Members who are Doctors have formed a Helpline group for support of the Inner Wheel Members & their families. These Dedicated Inner Wheel Members are available 24 x7 to attend to queries, symptoms & guide the person in current scenario of the Pandemic.

A very creditable task by the Doctors who already are doing Service to Society in times of COVID.

Inner Wheel Club Of Anand Round Town, District 306

Huge hoardings of 20 feet by 10 feet was installed at important cross roads of Anand.

All subjects of the hoardings were for the benefit of the society:

  1. Clean Anand, Healthy Anand,
  2. Respect senior citizens, they are the pride of the family.
  3. Say no to plastic bags & use cloth & paper bags.
  4. Save environment
  5. Save girls, educate girls. Increase literacy in the country.

International Inner Wheel President. Dr. Bina Vyas graced the occasion & this event was televised on TV & covered by leading newspaper.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat