Help To The Community/Hospitals/Hospitals

Posted by | Sep 16, 2020 |

Inner Wheel Club Of Komarpalaym - District 298

The members distributed groceries, masks & sanitisers to the Hospital staff of a designated COVID hospital & build a Wash station outside the entrance.

Inner Wheel Club Of Tiruvarur - District 298

The members made Immunity booster drink at home with lots of herbs & ancient Indian methods & distributed them to common people to help boost Immunity against COVID-19..

Inner wheel club of Chennai Vriksham - District 323

The members for 1 whole month provided food for the homeless & destitute. The food was cooked at home by the members.

Inner Wheel Club Of Ramnad - District 321

The members adopted a village & distributed 1month’s worth of groceries to about 40 families.

Inner Wheel Club Of Bangalore Banasankari - District 319

The Club gave a significant amount of money to a widower who lost her husband due to COVID. The money was financial help to buy a cow, so she can earn her livelihood & help her to take care of her family.

Inner Wheel Club Of Bangalore South Parade - District 319

The members donated Pink Umbrellas to the Paramedical Staff who used to travel to work daily to hospital during Lockdown as transport was shut. They would have to walk long distances in the hot summer.

Inner Wheel Club Of Chennai Unique - District 323

The members distributed energy mix powders, health boosters, Sanitisers, Face masks to 50 Sanitation workers in their local town.

Inner Wheel Club Of Srikshetra Puri - District 326

The members installed a Standee Sanitiser in a local Police station for the Police personnel along with Cans of Sanitiser for refills.

Inner Wheel Club Of Miraj - District 317

The members provided Insurance coverage money to 40 Hospital Staff who were working in COVID Hospital.

Dr. Sandhya Bhat