Medical Aids Project in Port Klang, KL

Posted by | Sep 14, 2020 |

This Medical Aid project came into existence after the club paid a visit to the Klang Ekliptic Children’s Centre on the 9th August, 2020. President Caylize Sabado noticed that a number of residents suffered from skin problem and without delay, she quickly contacted her personal friend Dr Ong Hin, a skin specialist who is currently practising in Raub, Pahang, to offer treatment to the affected residents at this centre.

The project was held on 29th August, 2020 in the afternoon, where a total of 9 Inner Wheel members and 4 club guests arrived at the centre around 1.45 pm. Upon arrival, the members and guests helped set up and displayed the food on the tables for the residents to enjoy their teatime break at 3.30 pm, whilst Dr Ong was lead into a room to examine and give treatment to the 16 residents with skin problems.

Mrs Elizabeth, a volunteer from the centre also briefed the club of their intention to raise funds for 2 inmates with cataract and glaucoma who will require operation. After the short briefing, Mrs Elizabeth organised the residents of the Centre to perform some dance routine to entertain their guests and they also invited the guests to join in the fun.

After Dr Ong completed the medical examination, President Caylize presented him with a Club banner and a token of appreciation and tea was served thereafter. Members of the club also assisted by feeding those residents who needed help. The entourage bid farewell to the children at the centre around 4.15 pm. It was indeed a Saturday well spent for those who have participated in this project. Let’s continue to “Lead the Change”.

Mrs Ivy Ho