Protect your Environment-Save your world

Posted by | Sep 12, 2020 |

Five presidents of Inner Wheel Clubs (Kale I.W (Tijen Korahan), Girne I.W(Fatma Ozok), Yenikent I.W (Zehra Gunkut), Beylerbeyi I.W (Sibel Tatar) and Sarayönü I.W (Melek Caluda.) visited the minister of education Nazım Çavuşoğlu and the minister of environment, Kutlu Evren for their projects called ‘’Protect your Environment-Save your world.’’

This was the first step of the project. During the meetings, it has been decided to choose two main pilot primary schools to make a start.

In this schools aim to improve the environmental knowledge of the children and to teach them consequences of the environmental pollution, especially for future.

This will be a 12 months long project and the planned budget will cost 20,000 TL.

Munevver Nizam - Editor