Inner Wheel Song

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jul 17, 2020 |

The president of IW Club Osijek D191 Croatia, Sandra Mikulandra Tutavac, and her former student Kristina Owais, a great young soprano, rehearsed and performed the Inner Wheel song according the idea of District Editor Vesna Zobundžija. The performance was masterfully recorded by a dear friend and unavoidable outside collaborator Mladen Tutavac.

The video of the performance can be viewed here:

Sandra Mikulandra Tutavac, president of IWC Osijek D191 Croatia, is a piano teacher at the Franjo Kuhač Music School in Osijek, and her husband Mladen, who recorded and edited the video, is a conductor at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek.

Kristina Owais, a great young soprano, was born in Osijek, where she graduated from the Franjo Kuhač Music School, known for finding and perfecting many talents. After that, she received her master's degree in singing from the Academy of Music in Zagreb in 2016. In the winter semester 2017/18, enrols in specialization at the Kunstuniversität in Graz, majoring in Musiktheater. IW Club Osijek who is happy to help young talented musicians in its area, has helped Kristina on several occasions, among other things, to finish the last semester of schooling in Graz. Kristina Owais has already played a number of notable roles.

Vesna Zobundzija