Farewell from Past President, Chris Kirby

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 30, 2020 |


The past three years has been a huge learning curve for me and I have learned a great deal. I am most grateful to have worked with talented, experienced members both on the Executive and elsewhere who recognise the importance of promoting our organisation over the glorification or advancement of any single individual, and of protecting the long-held values of IW. I sincerely thank them not only for their consistent support, encouragement and friendship but their dedication to our great organisation.

During my travels, I was most grateful to not only experienced members’ gracious hospitality in amazing places but to also see the very best of IW and its members. From this, it has been my pleasure to develop wonderful friendships and connections that I shall always treasure.

I extend my sincere thanks to CC Corinne and Treasurer Liz for their consistency and hard work. Each inherited a quality legacy from their most capable predecessors, Phyllis and Azhagu, which has complimented the happy and amiable working tone of the Executive.

As many members know, working behind the scenes can be something of a thankless and misunderstood job, so I must take the opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the work of Administrator Alan and Administrative Assistant Elaine. Their professional skills and management expertise advance the IIW cause in ways that are not always fully appreciated.

My congratulations and admiration go to President Phyllis for successfully navigating this difficult IW year, where we all learned that by focusing on important IW issues and tenets, ‘Together we can’.

My best wishes to VP Bina as she enters her presidential year. I look forward to her continuing the established Executive consultative process, thereby ensuring the enhancement of our international organisation. IIW is about moving together globally, and I have every hope the new Executive will embrace that ideal.

I thank you, the members, for this opportunity to serve at this great organisation’s highest level. I leave the IIW Executive with the greatest respect and admiration for the work done selflessly, and largely silently, around the world in the name of IW by those whose projects and actions regularly reinforce the objectives of IW. I urge those wonderful members to continue to proudly advertise their charitable activities and outcomes to provide others with inspiration and enthusiasm, and look forward to following those initiatives via the IIW website and social media sites.

Chris Kirby AM

President 2018-19

International Inner Wheel