Supporting Autism projects by IW Eskaton

Posted by | Jun 18, 2020 |

“We are the same human being, As you are, Our needs as like, As you need”

Autism is a complex neuro-behavioral trouble of communicating. Because of this condition they have trouble understanding what other people thinks and feel. This makes very hard for them to express themselves. So autistic children should be given importance in order to acknowledge them as one of us. In this session 2019-2020 Inner Wheel club of Eskaton Dist-328 Bangladesh have finished two projects for our special children.

1) Giving Rikshaw to a family having autistic children for income generation

2) At Dhaka Ramna Autistic school a) Celebrate world hand washing program with the student b) Giving water purifier for the students of autistic school for safe drinking water.

Morshada Nasir

Secretary - Eskaton Club