Facing Hunger During Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by | Jun 13, 2020 |

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world. Hunger knows no barriers.

President Hema and members of the Inner Wheel Club of Ioras Ipoh observed the same impact in several surrounding towns and in the city of Ipoh where they live. Many of these communities have lost their source of livelihood. The Club members together had identified some who were in need of urgent help. There were 88 stranded migrant workers in construction, a jobless single mother of 3 children and an accident victim with 4 children. Added to that were 1,500 needy people which a temple and their volunteers, known as the Kitchen of Hope, have been serving a meal a day.

Members met these challenges with zeal and commitment. With donations from members and contribution from a farmer, the Club was able to give away provisions to the needy estimated to sustain them for two weeks. They were rice, cans of sardines, baked beans, condensed milk, evaporated milk, anchovies, salt, sugar, instant noodles, milk powder, coffee powder, Milo and biscuits. Added to this were 100 kg of water spinach and 100 kg of rice handed to the Kitchen of Hope. Due to the need for social distancing and other restrictions only President Hema and ISO Anna were on hand to deliver the provisions. TOGETHER WE CAN OVERCOME.

Kudos to the members of the Club. They have given the recipients more than just the value of these provisions. They have given them warmth and hope.

Suchitra Hema - President