Margaret Of Austria, Strength Of A Woman

Posted by | May 28, 2020 |

“Margaret Of Austria, The Timeless Strength Of A Woman”

A Competition Dedicated To Students And To Italian Women

Held in Ortona, a wonderful town in the middle of Italy by the Adriatic sea, this competition, named “Margaret of Austria, the timeless strength of a woman”, have reached a wide range of local students. The idea was that to make students understand how powerful the strength of a woman’s personality could be, even in the XVI century and even in difficult situations.

We asked the students to think about other women, both famous and close to them, and make a sort of connection between them and Margaret.

The aim was to elicit a relation between this women and Margaret, the daughter of Charles V the Emperor, an illegitimate child that had a valuable importance to our land.

What we asked them to do reached an important achievement among students, as they finally analysed their history and culture and, at a deeper level, they made an introspection focusing on the difficulties that a woman may have through her life and on the strength she can demonstrate while facing them.

The second part of the prize focused on all those Italian women that have left a distinguishing mark on poetry, art, sport, journalism, music and so on: we have given our prizes to 22 brilliant Italian women, among them we welcomed Emilia Fadini, aged 90, the woman who is said to be the greatest harpsichordist in Europe.

The only man that received “Margaret of Austria’s prize“ was the famous Italian journalist Remo Croci, who wrote a book against domestic abuses on women.

Of course, as special guest, we had our District Chairman Franca Di Cesare Romagnoli who enjoyed this magical event. The relaxing and joyful party that followed has been the right and deserved conclusion of this important event.

Notarfranco Luciana, President Of Inner Wheel Club Ortona