Inner Wheel D330 Online Meetings Via Zoom

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Apr 03, 2020 |

On 18 Mar 2020 the Malaysian government implemented a nationwide “Movement Control Order” prohibiting mass gatherings as preventive measures to mitigate the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

For the first time ever, Inner Wheel District 330 decided to convene an online District Committee meeting via Zoom app on 30th March, 2020 at 3:00 pm. District Chairman Padmini Menon was thus able to conduct the meeting with over 70 participants from 20 clubs, with the District Executive Committee attending in full force, supported by the presence of National Representative Juanita Lee and several senior members as observers.

The agenda, like any official meeting, included roll calls, amendments and passing of previous minutes, secret balloting in election of office bearers, on-screen projection of executive committee reports and the opportunity for everyone to take turns to speak.

The conclusion was a successful two-hour meeting that saved a huge amount of time and cost to the district and every member, whilst adhering to the protocol. No one in the district or in the clubs had conducted an official Inner Wheel online meeting before. The challenge was not about using the Internet but to ensure that the order and procedure of the meeting is met.

Prior to the meeting, DC Padmini called on Past District Editor Cheng Yeok San who was in Perth, Australia to be the host and IWC Petaling Jaya delegate Dr Divvya Panicker who was in Singapore to be the co-host. Together, they assessed the usability of the Zoom app and planned its implementation. Once planned, the Executive Committee, delegates and observers from 22 clubs spanning the peninsula of Malaysia were invited to join in two social meetings as a warm-up.

Quite quickly after this, a few clubs mentioned that they are planning to carry out their club meetings online. With three more months to the end of the Inner Wheel year, members are now able to continue business and the good work that Inner Wheel does for the community in keeping with the theme “Together We Can”. Life goes on as we adapt and strengthen to embrace the future.

Cheng Yeok San