A Toy Buffet for Underprivileged​ children

Posted by | Feb 08, 2020 |

A Toy Buffet for Underprivileged children

On 8th November 2019, the IWC of Singapore, together with Food from the Heart Organisation, invited under-privileged children from welfare homes as well as students under the Financial Assistance Scheme from neighbourhood schools to this event held at the Nanyang Polytechnic in Ang Mo Kio.

IWC of Singapore with support from corporate sponsors and hundreds of volunteers made it a day of fun, games, and food for the children. 14 members from the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore took care of the unloading, sorting and wrapping of hundreds of toys. It was an impressive collection of 10,000 toys to be distributed to about 3,000 children.

Excess toys were given to other Homes after the event. It was an exciting and exhausting 5 hours, but it was worth it when we saw the glee and happiness on the children’s faces. Our tiredness was all forgotten!

Maria Hassanbhai