To learn faster, go further, to know more

Posted by | Dec 30, 2019 |

In the beginning of this Inner Wheel year 2019-2020, the IWC Stara Zagora decided to work on one of the National projects for District 248 and that is “Donate while reading”/ because of the possible positive social impact of this project on the young people in Stara Zagora.

The first cause for the project was named “To understand faster, to go further, to know more” and it was launched during the visit of IIW President Phyllis Charter.

On October 15th, the ladies from IWC Stara Zagora together with Phyllis Charter and her husband, met the pupils from the “Vasil Levski” school and presented the project. The students welcomed the guests with bread and salt following the Bulgarian traditions and performed a musical folklore program.

The President of IWC Stara Zagora, Dimana Videva, donated a lap-top to the school in the presence of the Director, the teachers and the students. She explained the way the project works and how the children can earn points through reading books and receive different study guides for them. This project promotes charity to children from an early age.

She announced the cause, which all students from the school and the town can support by donating   points while reading.  And this cause is to buy a monitor to be used in the school with the earlier donated laptop.   

The students were greeted by the IIW President Phyllis Charter. She was impressed by the idea and the goals of the project and by the enthusiasm of the students.

The ladies from IWC Stara Zagora presented to Phyllis Charter other projects and activities from their 18 years history part of which was the visit to the Muppet theatre - a partner for many successful projects. A plate and a small banner in the hall of the theater mark this long term cooperation.


Late in the afternoon a conference meeting took place with members from other clubs from the region.  The meeting was attended by the Deputy National Representative of District 248 Mariana Stoeva- a member of IWC Plovdiv. The Presidents of IW Clubs: Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora-Beroe and Burgas presented to Phyllis Charter some of their charity projects and initiatives and shared their vision for developing the organization under the theme “Together we can”.

In the evening some friends from IW Clubs Haskovo and Yambol as well as some Rotarians, joined the dinner attended by Phyllis Charter and her husband Paul Charter. At the dinner the IIW President Mrs. Phyllis Charter, put the pins to five new IW members and wished them inspiration and satisfaction from their IW membership.

The day was beneficial and full of hope that “together we can” be useful to our community.

Lora Yankova