Multiple Projects from D322 Sri Lanka

Posted by | Dec 24, 2019 |

SCAW Project by IW Wattala

The 2nd successful year IW Wattala club conducted the SCAW (Sleeping Children All over the World) project held at Palliyawatte Church Hall, Wattala, Sri Lanka. It was a project given by the Canadian SCAW team and it was sponsored by the Rotarians who donated Rs.5000.00 worth pack which included bed kits, shoes and stationery etc. for 300 needy Children from Dickowita and Palliyawatta Schools on the 16th of September 2019. Total cost for this project is Rs. 1.5million.

Donation of equipment to Maternity Hospital

IW Colombo West donated a syringe infusion pump, 4 yellow cannulas, 13 breathing circuits, 3 neopuff circuits to De Soysa Maternity Hospital to control the flow of drugs given to newborn babies, Rs. 308,000,00.

Setting up a Soup Kitchen

The Inner Wheel Club of Colombo participated in a soup kitchen at the Anjaneyar Temple at Dehiwala. Almost 80 people were fed that day. Total amount needed for the Soup Kitchen was Rs.25,000. Our members very generously contributed and the money collected well exceeded the needed amount. A total of Rs.43,000/- was collected. Balance of Rs18,000/- is going to be used to buy food items for the Christmas party organised by our club for the Sri Lankadhara Society which comprises of children from the age of 5 to 18 as well as elders over 60 years of age.

Donation of a Deep Water Well

The Inner Wheel Club of Colombo donated a deep water well with a timer to Kabbethigollawa. This well serves 300 people a day. This project was coordinated with the police of that area. The depth of the well is 150 ft. The cost of the well was Rs 170,000/-












Donation of a wheelchair by IW Ethulgalpura

Inner Wheel Club of Ethulgalpura donated a wheelchair and a pack of dry rations to a bed ridden woman.

Christmas party for the differently abled children.

A Christmas party was held by IW Club of Colombo West for the differently abled children.