Using Facebook to make Inner Wheel visible

Posted by | Dec 23, 2019 |

Inner Wheel Denmark is working on a project under the theme Caring for Women and Girls, where we support the Danish organization Mødrehjælpen, maternal help.

The work is done partly through donations from individual clubs and members and partly by practical help. In addition, Inner Wheel Denmark started this spring a sale of handmade baskets from Madagascar. A win-win situation for the benefit of both the women of Madagascar and Mødrehjælpen (maternal help) in Denmark.

At our annual general meeting which takes place on the first weekend of October, we sold baskets for a total of 60,000 Dkr., as the entire female guests of the hotel had to own a basket. This sale meant that we could donate in total 110,000 Dkr. 

We then posted this information on our Facebook page, and Mødrehjælpen (maternal help) shared the post on their Facebook page and at the same time thanked us for the great donation.

Both their and our followers shared the posts, and after just 5 days it had been seen by nearly 30,000.