Christmas in Israel Inner Wheel Clubs

Posted by | Dec 22, 2019 |

Christmas in Israel Inner Wheel Clubs: Haifa - Stella Maris and Nazareth

On November 29, and for two consecutive days, the Haifa Stella Maris Inner Wheel members, held their annual Christmas Bazar at the Orthodox Church hall in Haifa. Handmade traditional Bethlehem embroideries had been displayed as well as hand crafts, glass ware, homemade Christmas cakes and more.

All proceeds were donated to charity purposes such as the "Sacred Heart' Welfare, the Italian Hospital, families in need, children with special needs and sharing in school fees when necessary. 


On the same day Nazareth Inner-wheel Club held a fundraising Christmas concert in Nazareth, led by a rising star, the 24 years old singer Sama Shoufani.

The occasion was held at the Silesian Church of Nazareth, built in 1923, also known as the Church of Jesus the Boy. Many people attended the event helped Nazareth Inner-wheel Club to raise the needed funds and donations to various goals, especially the children with special needs program, the cancer patients' association, the orphans and youth at risk aid and more. 

The event was highly successful.

Nazareth Inner Wheel Club and Haifa Stella Maris Inner Wheel Club and all Inner Wheel members in Israel wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year. 

Zipi Berler – D99