Soft board Donation To Datuk Harun Primary

Posted by | Dec 09, 2019 |

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur donated 32 soft boards to 12 classrooms in Datuk Harun Primary School. The committee felt that soft boards are the identity of classrooms where important notices and posters of the children’s efforts are displayed. The school was built in 1963 and the soft boards have never been replaced though they are all completely damaged through wear and tear over the years.

The PDC Peggy Lee who is now the President of Rotary Club of Kelana Jaya donated 100 school bags to hard core poor students of the school.

Hence, we did the presentation of the soft boards and the donation of the school bags on the same day.

The school organized the launch of the project with the 100 children to receive the bags. We were represented by 10 members and there were 5 Rotarian from Rotary Club of Kelana Jaya. Our members were then taken to the classrooms to see the new soft boards with all the notices duly displayed.

Sue Pon - President