Project - Breast Cancer Awareness - D341

Posted by | Dec 05, 2019 |

“Together We Can”---Based on the theme of the year, Chairman District 341 Shahnaz Sardar dedicated the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. She requested the other Districts of Pakistan to join hands in giving awareness to widespread and often silent killer disease in Pakistan. All the clubs of Distract 341 as well as of other Districts zealously partook in this campaign. Lectures were arranged with the cooperation of concerned doctors on the early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease.

Demos for self-physical examinations were made and queries answered. Pink Ribbon also contribute by distributing leaflets on breast cancer and its effects on leading to fatality and impact on the life of the sufferers. Seminars on the topic were held where free mammography tests for not so privileged women were conducted. “Together We Can” can help save precious lives.

Samina Salman- Secretary  District 341