Book Reading at School with the Author

Posted by | Dec 05, 2019 |

This is a book-reading project at the Hüseyin Akdağ Elementary School, one of Ege Club's Community Corps Schools, where they invite authors who write children's books for lecture and discussion. They read the book first and the students discuss various aspects of the book with the author. 

Needless, to say that, this particular school is also one of the socio-economically less fortunate schools in our area, where many of the students are children of refugees from Syria. This particular activity is fun and help enhance children's cognitive skills, but it is also helpful in teaching these children Turkish to facilitate their integration to their new adopted country.

IWC Ege organized a book reading session with the author Dicle Keskinoğlu for Bozyaka Hüseyin Akdağ Primary School fourth Grade students in the city library.

Dicle Keskinoğlu’s book ‘Mutluluk Rüyası Fabrikası’ (Happiness Dream Factory) was read and discussed with the author’s personal thoughts and explanations at the session.


Nedime Sömek