Two Projects from Tuticorin Spicnagar

Posted by | Dec 02, 2019 |

The members of the Inner Wheel club of Tuticorin Spicnagar taught how to make paper bags from old newspapers and home-made organic glue to 200 school children.

The purpose of the project was to reduce plastic bag usage and use recycled newspaper bags, which will be donated to roadside vendors. We conducted awareness campaign for removal of plastics at our adopted extension middle school for 50 students and for a further 150 students at the corporation middle school.

The children had great enthusiasm for the activity and participated in it, making 450 paper bags.  Later 300 bags were donated to street vendors and tiny shops. 

Our secretary gave a speech about avoiding plastic bags and the importance of the three Rs: Reduce, Recycle and Re-use.

The Inner Wheel club of Tuticorin Spicnagar has adopted Mulloore, a small village in Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu, India. Around 500 people reside here. The scarcity of drinking water was a major problem faced by the village. A permanent solution was to dig them a borehole. At the cost of rupees 50000/- a bore was dug and a hand pump was fitted.

This pump was inaugurated by our District Chairman Lakshmi Varthini during her official visit on 18.10.19.

A stone inscription bearing our Inner Wheel logo was installed with the inauguration details of borehole. The news along with photo was published in the district newspapers thus enhancing Inner Wheel’s brand an awareness with the public.