National gathering of IW Clubs in Israel

Posted by | Nov 27, 2019 |

A national gathering of Inner Wheel Clubs in Israel

The first national activity for 2019-2020 Inner Wheel Israel, started with a conference of local Inner Wheel clubs of district 99.

Our guest of honor was Professor Marcel Machluf the dean of the biotechnology and nutrition Faculty at the Haifa Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. 

Prof. Machluf delivered an inspiring presentation on her academic and personal achievements, presenting her own way of breaking the glass ceiling.

It was interesting to hear about her achievements in the research for advanced methods of fighting Cancer and about Tissue Engineering. Prof. Machluf heads laboratories of advanced technologies for new and advanced drug delivery and genetic therapy.

Members of Israel Inner Wheel clubs promote activities for the benefit of communities in need, focusing on children and women at risk.

We further discussed future plans and the possibilities of opening new Inner Wheel clubs and accepting new members.








The conference that took place in the Garden Hotel in Haifa hosted women from all over the country, who enjoyed a warm and satisfying hospitality.


Tova Gilat - D99