District Intercity 'Rhapsody' in New Delhi

Posted by | Nov 25, 2019 |

LGBTQIA is one such topic which is not much spoken in our country. Recent Supreme Court judgment has given gay people their rights. LGBT people have increased access to health services and social events.

The most remarkable part of the Indian court’s decision is that it didn’t just use a universal standard of human rights to decriminalize homosexuality; it also acknowledged the responsibility of the state to help end the stigma attached to being LGBT. The court could have gone even further and emphasized that the Indian government should put in place mechanisms that would allow the reconciliation of shunned LGBT children and their parents. Doing so would help end the practice of parents forcing arranged marriages on those children — something that can lead to trauma and other mental health problems. It would also help end the shocking practice of “corrective rape,” in which families subject their LGBT children to non-consensual sex.

The District Intercity event 'Rhapsody' held by District 301 touched upon this topic. The event helped building more awareness and extends a helping hand to this community. Holding an event on this crucial subject was the vision of District Chairman, Madhu Nagpal. The event was celebrated on a grand scale with Ardhnarishwar Dance, Ramp Walks and a Fire and Ice chat show about transgender community when IIW President Phyllis Charter was also present. District Chairman appealed to the ladies of Inner Wheel to help the transgender and LGBTQIA in their capacity. She also announced opening of a legal cell devoted to the trials and tribulation of Transgenders. 

Mrs. Seema Khaitan, National Editor (2019-20)