Charter Celebration on 26.10.19 - Hellerup

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 25, 2019 |

Hellerup Inner Wheel Club, district 47, was chartered with a fantastic party on October 26.

Five former Lady Circle members started this spring with plans for a new Inner Wheel club for younger women, and they now have 15 amazing active members.

The many guests were welcomed at the entrance by the beautiful “new” Inner Wheel women, who were dressed in black party dresses and with gold bands embroidered with the IW logo.

The whole evening went on like a traditional Danish Inner Wheel Meeting, where the future club resident started the meeting with lightening a candle for friendship, then several songs, a 3 minute post, review of monthly letters, and an amusing speech ( do we need the men) to their spouses who were invited to the occasion.

The Charter ceremony itself was very solemn, and many speakers welcomed the new club and its members. Hopefully the club can attract other younger women, and thus be ambassadors for other new young generation clubs in Denmark.

The National Representative, Kirsten Møller handed over the charter letter on behalf of International Inner Wheel and quoted the world president’s letter of congratulations.

The club’s godmother District President Lillian Ryelund conducted the member admission and decorated the new president Tina Wøldiche with Hellerup Inner Wheel’s new presidential chain.


Kirsten Møller