International Mass Marriage in India

Posted by | Nov 22, 2019 |

We all believe marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. Marriage is an institution where not only two souls unite, but two different families come closer to each other and sometimes from different cultures. 

In India, marriage is celebrated with much fun-fare and enthusiasm. But some people are not so fortunate that they can afford even the meager expense on this ceremonial affair. So the idea of mass-marriage erupted in someone's mind and since time immemorial this practice is followed all over India. And, it's a great idea. 

We, in District 301, strongly believe that service to mankind is service to God and thus Inner Wheel Club of Sainik Farm have been doing this project for past many years.

This year our District Chairman, Ms. Madhu Nagpal, thought of giving this idea an international touch, thus we made this an International Project, when District 301 partnered with Inner Wheel sisters from Austria, Jordan and Greece, in the presence of IIW President Phyllis Charter and her husband Mr. Paul, along with our Association President Mamta Gupta, National Editor, Seema Khaitan, District Executive Members, PIIWP's Minna Kapur, Abha Gupta, Dr. Kapila Gupta, Past District Chairmen, Presidents and Club Members. In this project, 51 marriages were solemnized in one single ceremony. The most beautiful element of this project was unity in diversity. Amongst the 51 marriages, the couples were from various religions and even physically challenged.

Apart from this under Mission Mamta, breathing masks and T-shirts were distributed amongst the adopted students of IWC Sainik Farms by the Mission Mamta Committee Chairpersons PDC Gita Dhawan and PP Monica Sachdeva.


Mrs. Seema Khaitan, National Editor (2019-20)