Installation and Fundraising in Malaysia

Posted by | Nov 20, 2019 |

President Nirmala Koshy’s Installation on 3rd August 2019 at Tropicana Golf & Country Club Kuala Lumpur, themed “Blue Elegance” was graced by the District Chairman, Ms Padmini Menon.

This Installation Night served as a fundraising event which reaped a profit of 50% above target, to run the planned projects for the upcoming year. These include Festive Cheers for the poor, Charity Projects for the underprivileged and a Green Environment Awareness Programme.









The night was truly remarkable with family, friends and music. Nirmala ended her President’s speech with these words, “With God above me, my family behind me, the Inner Wheel Ladies beside me, there is nothing to stop me”.









Nirmala Koshy – D330