Awareness on Adoption program in Chennai

Posted by | Nov 18, 2019 |

The Guest speaker Mrs Jagadha Seshadri, Adoption Scrutiny Officer, Indian council for child welfare Tamilnadu In Chennai.

Our first program on 28th July 2019

To create an awareness among public about the adoption procedure.

Our Speaker spoke about What is ICCW/SARA/CARA What is its role in Adoption? Current status in adoption, who can adopt, registering, on age matching, criteria on what basis the adoption is given, about the adoption agencies, how to psychologically deal with the adopted child how safely to go through agencies and the implications of adoption through non-registered agencies. She also discussed adopting in Tamilnadu, interstate and intercountry adoption system.
















Dakshayani Venkatesh Advocate Practising in Madras High Court & Supreme Court of India. 

On the Legal side, highlighted what is the legal implication for the adoptive parents, who come across when they adopt within their family, friends, known and unknown biological parents and many more sensitive issues like legalities involved in Hindu adoption and for other religions.