Award of MGA to Mavis Silley, Brigg D127

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 12, 2019 |

The awarding of the Margarette Golding Award to Mavis Silley, Brigg Club D127

After having to give up her job to care for her terminally ill father in law, Mavis experienced first-hand the difficulty caring for a loved one and bringing up a young family. After his death Mavis and husband became heavily involved with setting up St Andrew’s Hospice Grimsby. The hospice originally opened in 1980 as a day centre for the terminally ill.

Mavis and her family went every weekend to support the nursing staff and Mavis, along with three other volunteers, prepared and cooked meals. Her involvement increased with the opening of Andy’s Children’s Hospice in 2001.

Mavis inspired her young children, instilling in them a caring and supportive nature to such an extent that her daughter is now Executive Manager of the whole of the St Andrew’s Hospice complex.

Mavis has now been an active voluntary worker, supporter and fundraiser of the hospice for nearly 40 years along with being involved with other projects within the various local communities she has lived in. She has made it possible for the young, the elderly and the lonely to belong and have worth. Although small in stature Mavis is a force to be reckoned with. There is no such word in Mavis’ vocabulary as ‘can’t.’ Mavis is a ‘can do’ person who encourages others to become ‘can do’ people too.

Mavis, who is a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Brigg D127, was presented with her Margarette Golding Award at a club meeting by District Chair Pat Alston, APP Ann Acaster and Brigg President Susan Smith.