Deepavali Cheers to the Sutra Dance Group

Posted by | Nov 08, 2019 |

In 1983, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, a renowned dance icon, established the Sutra Dance Theatre dedicated to promote excellence in dance, visual art and music. The Sutra Foundation, born out the generosity and dedication of Datuk Ramli Ibrahim has left a large imprint on the Malaysain cultural and performce landscape while ensuring the long term sustainability of the Sutra legacy. 

As part of their community service, the Sutra Dance Theatre has extended its reach into disadvantage community by training and nurturing young dancers from outside the urban areas and who do not have access to creative arts. The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur is proud to collaboarate with Sutra to tansform, empower and change the trajectory of young people’s lives.

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur has over the past 70  years supported underpriviledged communities. The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur will continue to ensure lives are touched by members’ dedication.

On the 19th of October2019, in conjunction with Deepavali, the Festival of Light, President Sue and members were invited to a private performance by these group of dancers in Sutra Theatre. A donation was later presented to Datuk Ramli to help Sutra with its outreach programme. After the presentation there was a fellowship lunch for the dancers, teachers and Inner Wheel members.


Sue Pon - President