Reef Buds Project in the Philippines

Posted by | Jul 09, 2019 |

Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines Including District 383 IWC Paranaque - Reef Bud Project.





Reef buds are organic structures that are placed under the sea and soon can enhance fish to live in this structures Then algae will grow on and in it then corals then in time the whole place will have healthy reefs with healthy fish. We placed them in places that have been damaged by people. Generation after generation will hopefully benefit and new generations will be able to appreciate the beauty of our undersea natural world.










Marine life such as seaweeds, algae, fish, sea anemones, squid, etc. can be found plentiful on Reefbuds in as little as eight weeks after deployment, in completely barren (sand only bottom) coastal areas.












This project was witnessed by members from various IWCPI clubs and National Representative Cecille Ferrer and District 383 Chairman Minnie Rualo Elizaga.










Cecille Ferrer - National Representative 2018-2019

And there's a video too: