Water, Environment And Marine Pollution

Posted by | Jul 04, 2019 |

The Conference took place last May 25th, in Auditorium “Attilio Alto” of Bari Polytechnic, in Apulia Region.

It was an inter-district meeting among IW District 210, 19 Rotary Clubs and Rotaract in District 2120. 

The starting point was the topic “Value of Respect” proposed by D.210 Chairman Matilde Gasparri Zezza, according to IIW Theme 2018-2019 “Empower and Evolve”. Respect for ourselves, for others and for our planet that is suffering because of our widespread neglect. And water is the primary asset and source of life, but also the object of pollution in rivers, lakes and seas. IW, Rotary and Rotaract together can raise awareness in the public opinion and governments, to take appropriate measures to leave for future generations a healthy planet.

The subjects were dealt with by eminent speakers, from Ministry of the Environment, the Navy Coast Guard, Napoli and Bari Polytechnic, the University of Bari, and  with the extraordinary participation of the President of the Scientific Ethics Committee of the European Rotary Environment Association (AREA).

The speakers deepened with clear evidence and whole globality the important issues on water and marine pollution, with the related intersections that emerge on the environment and the interactions that are generated because of the climate.


Matilde Gasparri Zezza - District 210 Chairman