National General Meeting - Naples, Italy.

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 27, 2019 |

From May 7th  to 12th, 2019 in Naples, the VII National General Meeting and the annual Friendship Day were held.

The Conference, generously cared for by the members of Club “Napoli Castel dell'Ovo”, with the attentive orchestration of NC President Anna Maria Falconio Di Trapani, saw the participation of more than four hundred members from all over Italy, welcomed with great warmth and organizational efficiency in the splendid setting of the Gulf of Naples. All present enjoyed a rich program of cultural visits and convivial meetings: a gala dinner in the Royal Palace, a guided tour to magnificent masterpieces of art, the enchanting evening view from the Certosa di San Martino, a pleasant walk among the lively city streets.









The members  consolidated friendship and commitment during the important appointment of the National General Meeting, whose work took place on Saturday 11 and had as object the Proposals  of amendment and the new Bye-Laws to the National Rules. The members of NC Italy and delegates from 211 Clubs, coordinated by the National Secretary Angela Farina were present at the meeting.

In her introductory speech the President described the activities of NC during the year, recalling the importance of the coordinating role of the Governing Body, as well as its function as a stimulus and guide. She highlighted the value of the periodic meeting to update our Rules, according to the needs of adaptation to changed situations. 

Work then got underway with the presentation of the Proposals, concerning regulations about the activites of Clubs, Districts, and National Council. The numerous and competent interventions of the delegates gave rise to a frank, exhaustive debate.

Eighteen Proposals of amendment to the National Rules were approved, but they will be introduced only after the final approval of IIW Constitution Committee.

Voting took place with a tested electronic voting system managed by Telemeeting Italia.


National Editor  Amelia Sales