Dacia Maraini In Salerno, with D210

Posted by | Jun 19, 2019 |

On Monday, June 3rd, at 6:00 pm, in “Salone dei Marmi” (Marble Stateroom)“ at Palazzo di Città in Salerno, Dacia Maraini presented her new book to a large audience.

The event was organized by Inner Wheel Club of Salerno, chaired by Diana Di Lorenzo and the Soroptimist Club of the city.

The famous writer was interviewed by the film director Maria Giustina Laurenzi, in the presence of the Mayor of Salerno Vincenzo Napoli, who expressed deep admiration for Dacia Maraini "a woman of great moral strength, an icon of our country".

Born in Fiesole in 1936, Maraini at the age of two, together with her parents, left Italy for Japan. She returned to Italy at the end of the World War 2nd and later in Rome she met Alberto Moravia who became her partner for almost twenty years. Her many literary works include "The Long Life of Marianna Ucria", winner of the Campiello Prize and over thirty plays, as the popular "Maria Stuarda".

The eminent writer said: "I am always on the side of those who have less power and women, unfortunately, still have little power today. I advise them to read more, to get to know the story, because rights can be erased, stolen, they are not forever and so we must always be very careful ".

In the book "Corpo felice (Happy Body). Story of women, revolutions and a child who is leaving ", Dacia Maraini talks to her unborn child. She is not crazy, she knows perfectly well that the child died as soon as he was born, but she speaks with him as if he were the best part of herself.


Marianna Blasi – Club Correspondent D210