A New Club (Alcamo) is Born In D211, Italy

Posted by | Jun 18, 2019 |

District 211 Italy is still growing. 

In fact, on May 21st, in the presence of District Chairman Rosalba Licata, Club of Alcamo was founded in Sicily, thanks to the commitment of Extension Chairman Adriana Martinico.

The new Club, chaired by President Maria Carmela Cutino, is made up of thirteen enthusiastic and motivated friends. Rotary Club of Alcamo was the sponsoring Club and its incoming President Maurizio Bambina, present at the meeting, expressed his satisfaction to the members and his willingness to share moments of conviviality and social service initiatives in favour of the surrounding territory with the newly born Club.

District Chairman Rosalba showed her pleasure and emphasized the importance of the new Club, which will bring young vital energy to the Association. She wished all members a rewarding future activity in friendship and sharing.


Maria Mancuso – District Editor