IWC Graz-Uhrturm supports BENIVA centre

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 13, 2019 |

Empower and Evolve

Since the foundation of the club IWC Graz-Uhrturm supports the Down Syndrome centre BENIVA in Leoben/Styria/Austria. In the centre they concentrate to the benefit of the affected persons on diagnostics, memory training & every kind of supporting topic around this theme – specific to the children and their parents.

As the kids were growing up it was not only about education and training but what about their working life? As a logical extension they started and run in the meantime a very nice and well visited coffeshop including a small biological bakery with the target to give up to ten people with Down Syndrome an adequate workplace and life.

As a nice feat the name BENIVA is the abbreviation of three of the first kids then being supported there -  BEatrice, NIcola und VAlentin.


Dagmar Steiner – NR  D192