Charter Celebrations in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Posted by | Jun 09, 2019 |

The Charter Ceremony of the IWC Bijeljina took place in Ethno-village Stanisic at 27th of October 2018. Many friends were invited; IW-friends, Rotary friends and private friends and of course the family members of the new IW Ladies. Members of 9 IW Clubs, 15 Rotary Clubs and 1 Rotaract Club followed the invitation.

The club chartered with 13 new members, very young and committed women. Although Rotary wanted to convince those ladies to become a female Rotary club, they decided to join Inner Wheel. The Charter Ceremony was well prepared and they also had a social project for this evening. The singers of the local music school gave the ceremony a great musical support, even the IW-Song were represented by 2 lovely young music students with a fantastic voice.

There were tears in many of the attendees eyes, so touching was this presentation. The honor to present the Charter Document to the club was given to Gabriele Schruempf who graciously acknowledged that this was a great honor.  Gabriele knew some members already from her previous visits and was very happy to welcome them into the Inner Wheel family. A big sign of partnership was after the pinning of the IW badges, all husbands (Rotarians) gifted their wife’s a red rose – a very symbolic gesture for the support they gave and give. Sandra Neretljakovic, the international Inner Wheel Editor was also guest at this Ceremony and both she and Gabriele received a very nice gift, where the club thanked them personally for their support.

Of course there were also many greetings from IW Clubs and Rotary Clubs. The Rotary President of Beograd complimented the commitment of the members of the new club and invited them all for a weekend to Beograd in the hope, that his Rotary club could also have an IW Club there. This is a very good example for good living and working together.












It was a very special weekend, an unforgettable evening and everybody enjoyed the hospitality and the friendship of our new friends. Lasting commitments were made to keep in touch as often as possible.


Gabriele Schruempf IIW BD 2017/2019