IW’s Goodwill Iftar – Ramadan 2019 - D95

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The idea started with a suggestion from the DPC in 1997 and PIIWBM Mrs. Seham Al-Gohary, to make a mass breakfast in Ramadan for orphanages and special needs societies, whose training is sponsored by Inner Wheel clubs in Egypt.

The idea started with the eight clubs of Inner Wheel (Cairo - North - Zamalek - West - Maadi - Sphinx - Nasr City - Garden City).


In addition, Inner Wheel ladies at both participating and non-participating donated funds towards the provision of food, gifts to children and supervisors.

The first celebration kicked off with 300 children and 50 supervisors as well as the participation of singers and actors to revive donor involvement.

It is a permanent charitable organization to attend since 1997 (Al-Ghad Al-Mashreq - The Right to Life - Dar Al Hana Sons - House of Intellectual Education).

Since then, Inner Wheel Club of Nasr City and some ladies took on the celebration annually since 2013.

This year's celebration was held on Tuesday May 14th, 2019 at the Air Force House Club.

The organizing committee organized and supervised by Inner Wheel ladies, Seham Al-Gohary, Shahinaz Hafez, Nihal Shaker, Maji Shenn, Iman Michael and members of Nasr City Club.

The ceremony was attended by all the orphanages and special needs families. The celebration was dedicated to the 34 children's girls' house, which is part of the program of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Fund of Tahyia Masr, "Homeless Children" program.










This year's Iftar was attended by the District Board of directors. 

DC Mrs Dina Ghorab

DVP Mrs Zeinab el Ghazaly

DHS Mrs Azza Al-Mufti

DISO Mrs Mona El Gemeiy










Also, Presidents and members of the Inner Wheel clubs as well. 

The concert was attended by volunteer singer.

Happiness, joy and excitement spread across the hall, and the children merged into singing and dancing with the Disney team and gifts were distributed.


This is our role and our goal over the past years and the coming, God willing, to add happiness to those who deserve it and to give them the motivation for a brighter future.


Hanaa El Sadat – Webmaster D95