What some trust can bring about…..

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3 years ago, most members of our Inner Wheel Club Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen, D60 the Netherlands, did volunteer work for refugee women who were living in our area in a refugee reception centre. During our work we noticed the children, who often walked around with no real goal as they were still too traumatized. We decided to do research if there was an organization who could help those children and we found TeamUp. 

TeamUp was still in development, but we trusted them; the founding organisations (UNICEF the Netherlands, Save the Children and War child) have a lot of experience working with refugee children in war zones, but also the passion of the people working on the project impressed us immensely. 

TeamUp is based on exercise and games with a goal at a certain place, certain time with professional volunteers. When TeamUp starts in a refugee centre, they will continue until the last refugee child has moved. The volunteers are selected: they need to have an education and experience with children and with exercise. Before they start working with the refugee children they have to follow courses organized by TeamUp, so in case they run into children who show during a longer time a different behavior they can help the children get the proper support they need. 

Inner Wheel Club Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen decided to support TeamUp. As our club was also involved in organizing an Inner Wheel friendship day we tried to get TeamUp as a good cause as well for this day. Luckily the committee gave TeamUp their trust as well. 

TeamUp started from that point on in 5 refugee centres. During our National Friendship Day, the team leader from TeamUp told members who were present (about 350) about TeamUp, members were impressed and so we decided to bring TeamUp in as our National Lustrum Project. We were so happy that members gave their trust to TeamUp as well. As many clubs as possible were involved in raising money for the big cheque which would be given to TeamUp in May 2019. 

At the moment, May 2019, TeamUp is working at 32 centres in the Netherlands, they are working at 10 schools and will scale up to 16 this year, and they get requests from abroad about implementing their methodology. A huge success: it is wonderful it is there, but sad it is necessary. 

 In the end, our National President Ria Heijens offered TeamUp a cheque of €48.750 from all members in the Netherlands, which will be used for materials and recruitment. The staff members of TeamUp were very moved by our cheque as the picture tells. 

What some trust can lead to……


Gees van der Peijl

Anita Meerdink