Project Boarding School in Zambia

Posted by | Jun 07, 2019 |

Slagelse-Antvorskov Inner Wheel Club and Suså Rotary Club have together donated 4.000 500 Gbp) to Project Zambia. The project concerns a boarding school helping talented young people without the means to get an education.

At the school approx. 20 students get a new home for a year with lots of opportunities to develop their future together with other equals. They are offered free education, diet and accommodation and the purpose and hope are that the stay at the boarding school can give the Zambian youth a desire to finish their schooling. 

With new skills and higher self-esteem, the students are better equipped to complete high school, and thus make a difference in their communities.

The donated amount will be used to construct 4 small thatched cottages with tables and benches. There is room for 6 students in each to prepare for schooling.


Elsa Islev Madsen - Slagelse-Antvorskov D48