“Smart Mummy” Bench donated by D209 Italy

Posted by | Jun 05, 2019 |

Cattolica, “the Queen”, in Emilia-Romagna region, is now the City of "Smart Mums" thanks to an innovative and unique project of its kind, never realized in Italy. It is the project by the architect and designer Monica Gasperini, who accepted to face the new challenge of the Club Inner Wheel Riccione-Valconca "Rosa dei Malatesta" to create a bench dedicated to the Woman, the Child and to the Smart City. So was born the “Smart Mummy” bench to breastfeed comfortably, equipped with a changing mat, a seat, mobile phone charger and USB socket to keep you connected. 

The master, number zero, of this special "art design bench" was given by the Inner Wheel Club to the city of Cattolica during a ceremony held this morning in Piazza Roosevelt, right in front of the Town Hall. A date not chosen by chance given the celebration tomorrow of Mother's Day.

Mayor Mariano Gennari expressed the thanks and praise of the City of Cattolica: "We are proud of these women of Inner Wheel Club who have chosen Cattolica “the Queen” for launching a project that our City has immediately embraced.”

Architect Monica Gasperini went into details about her creation: “A bench for the Mother with everything she needs: from the baby nappy changing table, to a child seat, as well as a comfortable seatback to make nursing more relaxing. The bench is also equipped with all necessary tech tools: cell phone charger and USB socket allow women to be always connected. A byke stand included in the bench helps the mother who love cycling in her city to stop comfortably”.  

The sense of this donation was underlined by Franca Mulazzani, President of Inner Wheel Club Riccione - Valconca. "A gift dedicated to the life of the woman and its many facets. As an Inner Wheel Club we want to start from the concept of beauty as a model of territorial development linked to culture and to social responsibility”.


By Club Correspondent Cinzia Bauzone