IWC Safia Kenya aiding women's development

Posted by | May 28, 2019 |

Inner Wheel Club Safia, Malakisi, Bungoma, in Kenya 

Mrs Safia Abdi Haase, who lives in Norway, charted the Safia IW Club, 05.05.2016. 

The Safia IW Club has 40 members, but when they arrange their meetings, often many more women attend. They are all very poor and have very little money, but they are very eager to participate in their own development and life situation. They learn how to find work to help them earn money. But this is restricted, as family life, giving birth and looking after the children, takes time. It is therefore often difficult for them to go to work. 

But it is very important to teach these women their rights and protection against diseases, violence and sexual harassment and access to contraceptives. And to teach the women their rights to give birth the way they want to.

The IW Members vision is: To fight violence against women, to empower women and to create independence.

The club is supported with money from Mrs Haase and the IW Club Fredriksten, Norway, who pay the fee to IIW. 

Helene M Torkildsen, Norway

IIW Board Director 2017-2019