Service Project Escuela Miriam - Nicaragua

Posted by | May 21, 2019 |

MIRIAM Nicaragua is first and foremost a women’s right organization. Its main objective is education and thereby economic empowerment of women. In addition, it aims at fighting machismo which leads to discrimination of women.

In compliance with our World President’s motto, our district 199 Switzerland-Liechtenstein has supported my social project “ESCUELA MIRIAM” during my year as Chairman. Miriam’s school ( allows women to attend literacy classes, to catch up on missed primary school and to get vocational training. But education itself is not enough: ESCUELA MIRIAM has also developed specific workshops, aiming at strengthening the self-esteem of these women, who very often have been taught that they are worth less than men. Enabling these women to take control of their own life also requires them to believe in themselves.


Claudia Vonlanthen, Chairman District 199