MGA presented to Christina Schrödter (D85)

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 14, 2019 |

For many years Mrs. Christina Schrödter has been voluntarily engaged at the “Werkheim e.V.“ association in Hanover, a charitable organization that has made it their business to help homeless and socially deprived men with being (re)integrated into society and leading an independent life.  

For more than twenty years Mrs. Christina Schrödter, who is a member of the board, has been working at the “Werkheim e.V“ association several times a week. 

Due to her active and time consuming engagement as well as her expertise she has supported the aims of the association in an exemplary manner and has had lasting influence on them. Mrs. Schrödter especially made an effort to find apartments for homeless men and to supply them with furniture, household content and clothes. She has also been of great help when it comes to setting up employment offers.

What is more, she has organized cultural offers for the association to help these men take part in cultural life.

Mrs. Schrödter’s voluntary work at the association contributes enormously to the goal of helping these men in need to help themselves, to finally take matters into their own hands.  

The extraordinary commitment and dedication Mrs. Schrödter has shown over the years is definitely worth being acknowledged and recognized by the community of Inner Wheel Clubs.

With her work Mrs. Schrödter has been putting the aims of Inner Wheel Clubs into practice for many years, such as friendship, helpfulness as well as international understanding.


IWC Langenhagen Wedemark - D85