Friendly visit by Italian Club to Croatia

Posted by | Apr 30, 2019 |

Friendly visit of Inner Wheel District 210 - Bari Levante  to Croatian District 191

Last year “Contact Protocol” was signed between two Districts, D210 Italy and D191 Croatia with presence of IIWPP Dr Kapila Gupta in Bari-Italy.

On March 22nd and 23rd 2019, Inner Wheel members  of IW District 210 - Bari Levante visited Croatian District. In these two days of gathering and socializing they visited Zagreb and Karlovac and enjoyed a trip to the National Park Plitvice Lakes.


During the working meeting on March 22nd, IW members shared experiences of humanitarian actions they conducted and after they had the festive evening.


The impressions of both, Croatian and Italian IW members, are extremely positive and once again they emphasized that true friendship, helping and spreading mutual and international understanding are crucial to the progress of the community and each of us.

Meri Šuman Tolić – D191