Children's summer camp again in Spodsbjerg

Posted by | Apr 27, 2019 |

Every year 30-40 children from Langeland get the opportunity for a stay in a scout summer camp.  These are children who would not otherwise come on summer holidays.

The stay is over two periods, children from 0 to 3rd grade stay from Monday to Wednesday and 4th to 6th grade from Wednesday to Friday.

There are various activities every day, such as visit to the Cold War Museum, the Gorilla Park in Svendborg and the Langeland Festival, where the children get a guided tour, listen to the music and enjoy the festival’s activities.

Many volunteers from Langeland Rotary Club have over the years contributed, and Rudkøbing Inner Wheel Club has supported with kitchen help.  Both clubs are doing a great job of promoting that everyone is welcome to visit the camp and support the GOLF2CHANGE match. A charity golf match held every year for the benefit of the children’s camp.  Some golfers from both clubs participate each year in the charity golf match.   

Everyone is welcome to the golf match on July 25, 2019.  Guests can play on an 18-hole course or a par 3 course. Danish celebrities – it could be actors from the royal theater, football players from the Danish national team, Le Mans racing drivers - participate every year in the golf match, the following dinner and they like to entertain in their respective fields. 

The children’s camp is financed by both Langeland Rotary Club and Langeland Golf Club where the GOLF2CHANGE charity match takes place.  

Furthermore, the children’s camp is supported by the Langeland Festival, the Cold War Museum, Langeland, Rudkøbing Inner Wheel Club, artists, sponsors as well as young volunteers.

Without the support from all these splendid people this event couldn’t take place. It is a wonderful testimony that when so many volunteers join in a common cause at Langeland is will also strengthens the relationship between Rotary and Inner Wheel.


Eva Kjær Prytz - ISO - Rudkøbing Inner Wheel Club